The Budget for Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation

The Budget for Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation

Jul 10, 2014

Name: Mike and Sandie
Type of Project: Foyer renovation
Location: Saskatoon; Saskatchewan, Canada
Type of building: 2 1/2 story single-family home, built in 1919

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After being introduced to Mike and Sandie's foyer renovation project, we took a look at their inspiration for the finished space. Now we're digging a little deeper to take a look at an aspect of the project you're probably all wondering about — the budget.

From Sandie:

We’re old-fashioned DIY kinda folks. As an engineer and an artist with the renovation of one 1920’s craftsman already under our belt, we’re confident performing most tasks with the renovation of this 1916 home. In the foyer we’ll be 100% getting our DIY hands dirty, but we’ve already handled the more sensitive issues of sistering joists, lintels and load-bearing walls, plumbing, ducting, and major electrical with the trades while working on our other rooms.

We like doing the work... and even consider it fun (yup yup we’re full of beans)! Doing the work ourselves also allows us to recycle and re-use on-hand or locally sourced materials (through local classifieds, and neighbours/friends) as much as possible, which cuts costs as well as rescuing otherwise discarded materials from the landfill. This mandate takes more of our time (to source the material/condition it for use), but we feel it’s worth the extra care & attention.

Budget Specifics:


    Demolition: $45 (a case of beer, takeout, and neighbours' truck)




    Light: $0 (we plan to re-use a fixture on-hand)


    Subfloor & repairs: $150
    Hardwood: $25 (remnants from Kitchen)
    Cement board subfloor/mortar on tile: $115
    Marble/tile: $400
    Silicone grout & sealant for tile: $75
    Transition piece (between floorings): $100
    Total: $865


    Paint for wainscoting/trim: $0 (on-hand)
    Primer: $30 (+on-hand)
    Re-finishing stairs (tools/finishes): $250
    STILL RUMINATING upon what application to use on the walls:
    -wallpaper $1180
    -OR a stencil (instead of wallpaper $300
    -OR just paint $100
    Total (with wallpaper): $1460


    Electrical: $100
    Repairs & skim coating ceiling: $100
    Structural repairs to staircase/paneling: $100
    Re-configuration of bottom 2 stairs: $100
    Coat closet framing/drywall: $200
    Coat closet doors/hardware: $250
    Wainscoting/trims $400 (+on-hand remnants from Dining Room)
    Total: $1250


    Console/dresser: $400
    Mirror: $50
    Seating: $250
    Wall art: $0 (on-hand)
    Decorative plaster ring for light: $50
    Total: $750

Total Budget:


Check out the full series (so far) and be sure to join us next week as Mike and Sandie's renovation gets underway.

(Images and diary text: Mike and Sandie)

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