Living with Roommates (Just for the Fun of It)

Living with Roommates (Just for the Fun of It)

Eleanor Büsing
Jul 11, 2014

Let's talk about roommates. During school and in your twenties, sharing your living spaces (and expenses) with others is par for the course. But fast forward a decade or so and the landscape looks different; people are coupling up, getting on the property ladder, or simply choosing to live alone, when increased income allows it. But what if you just like living with others?

In London, where I live, it's not uncommon for bona fide grown-ups (yes, I just used that term— does that exclude me from the group?) to live together well into their thirties and beyond. Besides sharing the sometimes exorbitant cost of living in this city, I think it has to do with the feelings of anonymity that life in a metropolis can incite. No matter how full your social life, that eyes-down-on-the-tube mentality can make you crave familiar and friendly faces at home.

While I sometimes fantasize about living alone (and the interior design freedom that would bring me — emerald green sofa, anyone?), I'm unlikely to ever do it. I'm a social creature by nature, and having someone with whom to commiserate about a bad day, or crack open some wine and watch Game of Thrones, is something I think I'd miss if I ever took the plunge.

Over to you: have you had roommates, or do you now? Was the decision purely financial, or emotional as well?

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