Is It Important to Be Design-Compatible with Your Mate?

Is It Important to Be Design-Compatible with Your Mate?

Taryn Williford
Aug 1, 2014
(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

This great post about making design decisions with a roommate aims to make peace between friends or siblings living together with mismatched tastes. The idea is that you should be able to compromise, especially since, for many people, such living arrangements are temporary. But what about when you're looking at a permanent roommate situation, like moving in with your partner?

For the past four years, my roommate has been my boyfriend (now fiancé) and thankfully, we have really similar taste in home decor. Watching HGTV together, which I'll admit happens more nights than not, we both seem to yell at the television with the same gripes ("Ugh, I hate that granite!" "Yeah, it's way too reddish for me."). And when we talk wistfully about getting out of our apartment one day and into our future home, we have the same ideas about what we want in a house and how we'd like it to be decorated. It's one of the many things that makes me confident I'm getting hitched to the right guy. We both see the same future for ourselves, down to the paint color in the bathroom.

Now I'm no marriage counselor and my 28 years is hardly enough experience to be giving life advice, but it's my belief that when you look ahead to a possible future together with someone, you should both be in agreement about certain things (do both of you want a family? Where do you want to live?). And in my opinion, making sure you're on the same page about how to operate and decorate your home is another area where a couple should be on the same page (for the most part; finding compromise is still a huge part of any relationship).

As Apartment Therapy readers, I imagine that each of you probably place a lot of importance on your home and recognize its effect on your quality of life. Is sharing the same taste in decor crucial to living a happy life together with a "permanent roommate?" And should your design (in)compatibility ever dictate who you settle down with?

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