Danielle and Austin's Kitchen & Garage Remodel: Lukewarm Progress

Danielle and Austin's Kitchen & Garage Remodel: Lukewarm Progress

Sep 4, 2014

Name: Austin & Danielle (of Forage + Fodder)
Type of Project: Kitchen & Garage Remodel
Location: Austin, Texas
Type of building: One story, Single-Family House, 1250 square feet

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We haven’t had hot water in quite a while. Austin can tolerate a cold shower but I usually end up crying or screaming, so I’ve been showering at the rec center on campus during my lunch break. Our new tankless water heater was finally installed, but our plumber is a plumber, so he didn’t connect it, which is something we should’ve realized sooner. Luckily, my uncle can wire a thing or two, so he came over and showed us how to get it set up “for now” — reminding us several times that this wiring would definitely NOT pass inspection. I’m two showers in and all I can get is lukewarm water. It’s infuriating to me.

The good news: Our exterior brick is complete and the windows were installed! And they are HUGE. The bedroom windows are way bigger than I imagined them to be, but I love them. That room is going to have such incredible natural light!.

The so-so news: As luck would have it, one of our windows gives us a perfect view of our meter... guess we didn’t think about that when we had the plans made. Bad news: we didn’t pass our initial framing or mechanical inspections this week. What gives!? They’re both easy fixes, but it just means we have to call our contractors back out and then wait for the inspectors to come back again. This city inspection stuff is hard because it’s so subjective. What one inspector will pass, another will fail, so the expectations are always different. I’ve learned to be patient and friendly, because the last thing you want is to get on your inspector’s bad side.

Our kitchen cabinets arrived this week! But we’re nowhere near being ready for installation, so they’re just sitting in boxes. I want to rip them all open like Christmas morning, but we’ve decided to keep them boxed up so they stay in good condition. Hopefully we can start installing in the next week or two.

This week we also decided to put in some shower cubbies, so Austin and I worked on marking those out. We’re getting to the point where more and more decisions have to be made, and it’s a little stressful, because I’m the type to heavily research something before I can decide. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge that I will probably never access again after this, but oh well.

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(Images and diary text: Danielle and Austin)

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