Project Interrupted: A Forced Hiatus + Losing Momentum

Project Interrupted: A Forced Hiatus + Losing Momentum

Tess Wilson
Sep 5, 2014
(Image credit: Tess Wilson)

After months of nonstop renovating, packing, moving, and unpacking, I finally took a day off, thanks to a fateful Slip-n-Slide accident...

What was I, a 34-year-old who wasn't even good at Slip-n-Sliding when she was decades younger and feet closer to the ground, doing on a Slip-n-Slide? Well, when the world's greatest 8-year-old wants to live it up on a gorgeous Labor Day, sometimes you can't help but join in the festivities. And sometimes you can't help but injure your foot because you are, as mentioned, terrible at Slip-n-Sliding.

Anyway, the day after the accident, I still went to work for 8 hours, but I didn't come home and work another 9 hours after that. It was so strange. I got home and immediately started plotting my plan of attack for an evening's worth of work, before remembering that I would have to carry boxes and move furniture while hopping. Deciding that this was sure to result in another spill, I proceeded to sit myself down, elevate and ice my foot, and read the second Outlander book for the rest of the evening.

I'm sure it was a wise, foot-healing move, but now that I'm recovering it's hard to get back into that Don't Ever Stop Working state of being again. Remember how great it was to sit down? Remember how relaxing it was to relax? Mmmm... These are not thoughts that will get projects done, these are thoughts that will lead to me spending the autumn surrounded by boxes and unassembled shelving.

And so I rallied, reminding myself how truly relaxing it will be to lounge around once the boxes are all unpacked, the storage is all wrangled, and the rooms are all made lovely and livable. This is no time for sitting, this is a time for action! Of course, all bets are off once the third Outlander book becomes available at the library...

How do you stay motivated midway through a huge project? And how do you get re-motivated if your progress is interrupted?

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